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The main capital of Timor-Leste

Getting Here: FAQ


Dili, the capital city, is connected with direct international air services almost every day. The current options are; from Despansar (Bali) and Yakarta (Indonesia) with CITILINK, from Darwin (Australia), QANTAS and AIRNORTH, and from West Timor (Indonesia) and Singapore (only on sunday), with AIR TIMOR.

Most nacionalities will be ask for a visa upon arrival at Dili airport, and it is needed to pay 30USD for it.

Timor-Leste is a young country, still facing a lot of changes. Some of the information above, may not be available throughout the rest of the year and could change from one day to another.

If you want us to take care of organizing your trip, just contact on the link bellow, and we will do everything possible so you arrive in Timor Leste easily.


There is some options for you to get transport from the airport. If you book with a residence or Hotel, you might arrange a pick up. There is also yellow and blue taxis wich you can use to move thought the city. The microlet line it's the option that most of the locals use for transportation, but to found one you need to walk at least 20 minutes from the airport, and being able to communicate with timorese people to know wich numer suits you. For this last options it is recomendable have some coins.

If you book with us, we are the ones picking you up at the airport.

If you prefer Compass Diving to organize your trip, please contact us

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The hiden gem of Timor-Leste

Getting Here: FAQ


Our speedboats take only 1.15h aprox to cross the Wetar Strait that separates Dili from Atauro, sometimes less if the sea is in it best conditions. We do this trip regularly, we just need to know when would you like to travel.
If you book a night at our Beach Eco-Lodge, the round trip transportation service in one of our boats, is included!
Private charters can be arranged at your disposal.

Traveling to Atauro is already an adventure itself, exploring its blue waters and appreciating the amazing view of this special island from the sea when we approach its shores. Although we cannot guarantee it, quite often we can spot dolphins and whales of different species.


There are two ferrys operating during the week. Nakroma and "Dragon Boat"

The Nakroma Ferry is a 3 hours trip option just for Saturday, when the Atauro market is. It departs at 9:00 AM from Dili Port and the ticket must be booked the day before. It returns at 13:00 from Beloi Pier, Ataúro, and the ticket it is available to buy it on the island from 1:30, the day of travel. It is recomendable to get it with time enough.
The “Dragon Boat” Ferry runs twice a week, on Thursdays & Saturdays, departing from Dili port at 8:00 and it can take less than 2h to arrive, however it is difficult to ensure the departure time for this one, as they will go at any time, due to weather conditions.
To buy the tickets for the ferry services, both offices can be found in Colmera, Dili, opposite the port and near the Burger King.

Nevertheless, all the services described, can vary depending on the season, the year or the weather conditions.


Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) light planes fly to the island on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, departing Dili airport and arriving at the Ataúro airstrip (located midway between Beloi and Vila).

If you want Compass Diving to organize your transfer to Atauro, please contact us


Timor-Leste is one of the youngest nations in the world gaining independence only in 2002, after being colonized for over 400 years. The Timor Sea separates the island from Australia to the south and Indonesian provinces to the west, and stunning underwater landscapes is one of the top highlights of what this country has to offer. So what can you expect when you explore Timor-Leste’s oceans with Compass Diving?

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