JUNE 28th, 2018

Check out our Facebook page to learn more about SCUBA diving and snorkeling Liveaboards beginning soon!  We will be starting to run regular trips to beautiful, pristine, and remote Jaco Island where few adventurers have been and far fewer have dived.  Contact us by email at to be among the first to go.

Travel to Jaco Island in luxury!


New York Times: 8th April 2018:

Working together with Conservation International Timor-Leste, we recently hosted a New York Times reporter on his visit to Timor-Leste to highlight the efforts and concerns for growing tourism in this country.

We’re proud to have been able to showcase to Mr Ben Solomon all the beautiful ocean treasures here, and are staunch supporters for ensuring any growth in tourism is done in a sustainable, environmentally-supportive, and community-contributing manner.

A special thanks to the residents of Com, the hard working people of Conservation International, and of course the exceptionally talented Ben C. Solomon.

As a collaboration with Conservation International, and the New York Times, our role was to guide and discover new locations, and consult with the local communities in Com, and Valu Beach, Jaco.  Sundance, our catamaran was instrumental on the trip, allowing us to asses new dive sites, and strategic land based traditional sites.

In conjunction with Conservation International, and traditional land and marine representatives Compass Diving will endeavour to conduct conservation and exploration into the Nino Konis Santana National Park, and local Marine Protection Areas.

Bi-monthly 7 day tours will be available from August, 2018 for observing marine mammals, and local anthropological sites and culture. 

Find the link to the New York Times article here



This post from highlights some of Timor-Leste’s unique dive sites and is definitely worth reading if you are still on the fence about booking a dive holiday to Timor!  Also see our photo gallery for more convincing testimony to the amazing sites we have here.



The Guardian: 17/8/2016

This article from The Guardian, a UK based news organization, highlights the bio-diversity of the waters around Atauro Island.  Conservation International has concluded that Atauro Island is among the most bio-diverse location in the world for fish species per site, if not the most bio-diverse.  But don’t take our word for it, read the article and find out for yourself!