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  • The accommodation supports all the basics of bedding and towels. All you'll need is your personal items, basic toiletries, sunscreen, and insect repellent (very important if you are planning your trip for rainy season, as they are a bit more common).  

  • Please, if you bring any snacks or drinks with you, do not leave them exposed. Even though we do clean and monitor the villa (and all other accommodation units) often, we are still on a place surrounded by nature and, in the event you'd leave food outside, it could attract animals.

  • If you have your own water tumbler we greatly encourage taking it with you. To reduce single use plastics we provide drinking water in reusable tumblers and refill stations. Our tap water has been tested by the adequate authorities and is deemed suitable for all general washing, including showers, tooth brushing and washing of fruits and vegetables.

  • You can bring a light travel towel or sarong for use on the boat to dry off between in water activities. Windy days can feel a bit chilly.

  • In case you're looking forward to hiking or even strolling in the vicinity of our lodge, sturdy sandals are recommended. Beaches can be a mix of rocks and sand.

  • Hammocks are welcomed! Feel free to bring your portable one, since there's space to put it around. We do have plenty of hammocks, though, spread around the property and one right in front of your villa or tent.

  • We are still in the planning stages of setting up a full bar service on our premises. In the mean time, we offer a selection of soft drinks, beer, wine and fresh coconut available for purchase. Ice can also be requested although supply is limited. 

  • Even though we are always trying to operate our accommodation further towards an eco approach, there are still a few challenges, hence, the following information is important to keep in mind: please avoid bringing plastic with you, wrappings or any other single use items. This is due to the fact that everything that is left on the island will be burned later on because of the lack of recycling facilities. In fact, feel free to bring back the plastic to Dili what you might have brought. There is a company that transforms most plastic discards into pavement, ask us for more info!

Upon arrival, you shall receive a simple briefing about our lodge facilities. Feel free to ask any initial questions before settling in for your stay on the beautiful Ataúro.

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